Sick Inmates -n- Pimpin' the Ride take toll on Sheriff's Budget

Bill Grubb at the Review reports:

Medical expenses for inmates in the Hawkins County Jail have already surpassed $200,000, the amount budgeted for the 2007-2008 fiscal year.


“Once they become an inmate that’s when it seems like they decide they need to see a doctor about their health problems,” Sheriff Roger Christian told the Hawkins County Budget Committee.

Christian also seeks $591,800 for new police cruisers and $90,600 for equipment, such as lights, decals and a “cage” to separate the front and rear seat.

The Sheriff said the department would be obtaining the Fords, although he also looked at the possibility of obtaining the Dodge Charger police vehicles.

“[…] There were also some concerns about the ability to see what is behind you when backing up in the Charger and *we don’t need anymore problems with officers backing into things.”

(* majority of the officers are male.)


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