$581,000 settlement for Hale Springs Inn

According to the Times-News, officials involved in the Hale Springs Inn renovation received a bit of good news Thursday, as an insurance settlement for the section of building that fell last month was confirmed at slightly more than $581,000.


With the news of the settlement Thursday, Rogersville Heritage Association Director Patricia Humbert said the kitchen problem can be easily solved.

“Obviously a lot was riding on this settlement because up to now we had no kitchen,” Humbert said. “Now he have the money needed to construct a new kitchen annex, using the brick we saved from the other building, and hopefully come up with an aesthetically pleasing solution to this problem.”

Architect Michael Emrick had already provided the RHA conceptual plans for a new addition for the kitchen, and the RHA board of directors plans to meet Monday evening to finalize the plans and acquire cost estimates.

Humbert said the timeline is for Emrick to complete his drawings for the new building, as well as obtain plans from subcontractors, within three to four weeks.

Emrick will then submit the new plans for approval by the state fire marshal and the Tennessee Historical Commission, which is expected to take another two weeks — hopefully putting the project back on track within six weeks.

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3 thoughts on “$581,000 settlement for Hale Springs Inn

  1. At last we discover the answer to the question of how they finance the renovations given that they had just run out of money – arrange for a little ‘accident’. Now we see why the contractor, said to be the cousin of the mayor’s sister in law or some such, ‘accidentally’ forgot to stabilize those walls before removing the footing the day before the collapse.

    I have to give it to them – a brilliant, high risk plan, but it worked.

  2. Goodness, people around these parts just don’t have an aesthetic appreciation for cynical sarcasm!

    I don’t think they are clever enough to have planned it, but I have indeed heard that the contractor is the cousin of the mayor’s sister in law, I know that that contractor got a special invitation to submit the contract AFTER the legally bidding process was closed (which is an illegal act by our government), and that he had no experience with these sorts of renovations, and that a concrete footer was removed hours before the collapse, and everybody knows they didn’t brace anything before they started demolition – you could see that for yourself plain as day.

    It’s completely obvious that the renovation project was stolen from the heritage association, who was saddled with the mortgage, in order to provide a financial windfall for the usual gang of criminals that run this town, the GoB, and we all know who they are, and we know that they will ‘come after’ those who talk to openly about this, which is why the Review just runs safe puff pieces that don’t challenge the status quo because nobody there has any balls.

    But what should we expect. We are just a typical small town.

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