Government has no conscience: it has policy

Rogersville Review’s Bill Grubb reports that the local BMA has adopted a new email and cell phone policy. Apparently, all e-mail communications to and from computers owned by the city must be saved for three months and may be monitored under a policy adopted by the Rogersville Board of Mayor and Aldermen.

Yeah? We own computers? Hmm, how about that? Does the Mayor have one? So what’s the policy.  The mail could be monitored by whom? Me ? The public? City officials? Bet the policy doesn’t include the town attorney.  Ah, well then. The policy means nothing to me….. although, it does make me wanna send a faux naughty letter to the Mayor and sign it: Hot Bottomed Horatio.

Of course, I won’t do that sillies. It would be wrong and unethical. Plus, I don’t know how to generate untraceable, anonymous email.


One thought on “Government has no conscience: it has policy

  1. I do. LOL Want me to show you. Of course you assume that anyone on the BMA or employed by the BMA would know how to track your email addy and IP to begin with. Somehow I don’t think you would have much to worry about.

    Funny how they want the people beneath them to have transparency in the work place but the thumb their nose at the sunshine law and transparency in relation to their own positions every chance they get.

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