What is Nine Plea Bargains?

How is it that a Rogersville man could be facing his 10th charge for driving on revoked license?

Assistant Attorney General Doug Godbee had no explanation Wednesday for why Ted Allen Burton Jr. hasn’t been declared a habitual motor offender before now, with nine driving on revoked convictions already to his credit. But assuming Burton is eventually declared a habitual motor offender, his next driving offense would result in a felony charge, which carries a penalty of one to two years in prison.
Burton was ordered held in the Hawkins County Jail without bond during his appearance Monday before Sessions Judge David Brand. His case is likely to be heard before the grand jury when it meets again in May.

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One thought on “What is Nine Plea Bargains?

  1. It’s interesting to me that he was pulled over for having a headlight out, and now we are looking at sending him to the state penitentiary for several years. I wonder how much it will cost to keep him there. Hopefully a long stint in the hardcore big house where we send the rough and violent types will learn him to keep his headlight in order.

    But on another topic, if you lose your license for one of these sorts of things, how do you get to work in a county that essentially has no public transportation nor no plans to have any? I know there is some sort of expensive community taxi service for old people, I don’t know how often it runs if it does or whether a non-retiree can even use it.

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