My Good News Gamble

All my life, I’ve heard that “one sorrow can’t come without two more follows” or “tragedy strikes in threes.”

Unfortunately, the same saying doesn’t apply to good news. Good news is so rare and unexpected, particularly in comparison to the abundance of bad news we receive, the saying goes: “No news is good news.” I remember hearing my Mama announce this quite often after we’d made the trek down the driveway, across the creek and over to the mailbox – only to discover it was empty.

Well, yesterday in the AM, Bond Girl called to announce good news on the job front. She has gotten a promotion, which she worked long and hard to earn. More importantly, the promotion will not require relocation.  We’re also having a small party this weekend at which we shall have cake in her honor… but don’t tell her okay? I still have to figure out how to fit “Congratulations! I am so glad you are not moving. See, I told you six years of putting up with a asshat boss would pay off!” on a sheet cake.

Anyway, as I’ve been conditioned not to expect too many good things at once: the next bit of news took me quite by surprise.

I opened my email. There was a message from a friend, whom for purposes of this blog we shall call Nahimana (because honestly, this isn’t my news to break, and I assume she will make a formal announcement when she’s ready.)  Anyway, Nahimana is expecting a baby… which is not the same baby as the baby she had about a year ago – but a whole `nother baby which is different from the first baby bringing the total baby count to five whole babies.   Holy crap, that’s a lot of babies and diapers. And while she’s not an old lady by any stretch of the imagination, I’m thinking we ought to get her a shoe.

Nahimana says the pregnancy wasn’t expected – but it’s not unwanted either. Of course, she is very much the type of gal who, if she did have reservations about starting motherhood over again, would work her mind around to a more proper way of thinking.

Still, my mind seized upon the negatives. Her last pregnancy was rough. I’m concerned. Her career is moving along nicely too: now, she’ll be going into the diaper phase without having ever left it…. I cannot imagine.  What about the weight gain, nausea, stretch marks, discomfort, varicose veins, late-nights, leaky breasts, teething, laundry, potty training… why would you want to start this all over again? She must be crazy.  Personally, I never even been tempted to start over … well, maybe a little – particularly if I spend too much time around the other baby, who came before the now-expected baby. He just has those adorable chubby cheeks, which beg to be smooched.. and bright inquisitive eyes, a happy smile and soft tiny hands to hold.

And Nahimana is good at holding them…  Plus, she’s balanced work and motherhood so far… And if her pregnancy gets tough, she does have friends. We can bring her Saltine crackers, buy her orthopedic shoes to help with the swollen ankles and talk really bad about her husband to make her feel better – if need be.  Besides, it’s a baby! A brand new whole little human being to love: how could you not whiz straight on through the negative and settle on the joy?

So, friends of the Internet, in light of this news: I have bought myself a Powerball Ticket. I’ve never played the lottery before, however, assuming good news, like bad news, can travel in threes… I plan on being filthy rich by tomorrow.


3 thoughts on “My Good News Gamble

  1. Well did you win?? Did you gamble pay off? LOL If you win ten million or more don’t forget to share the wealth. lol

  2. I did not – but I did go to Kentucky to play Bingo. I made a total profit of $5. Would you like your share in bills or all quarters?

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