According to the email I got from Shady Jane, the local Walgreens Store opens tomorrow – Monday, March 3 at 8 a.m. It’s new. She wants to know if I’m going.

I don’t understand the question.

I don’t need medicine.
I don’t need candy.
I don’t need as seen on TV items.
I don’t need beauty products… well, I do but would just be disappointed when they didn’t work. I have two kids, I’ve been married twice, and I spent my informative years as a left leaner in a family of Republicans… there ain’t enough Oil of Olay in the world to fix this.
I don’t need to look around. I’ve been to one of dem fancy Walgreens outfits before. They are all the same.

Perhaps I should go to support growth and progress in our teeny tiny town… but I won’t. It’s mostly disinterest, but we can call it rebellion so that it sounds better. Yeah, that’s it. I am rebelling against the notion that corporate America studied the demographics of our teeny tiny town and decided we’re all old, our water is poison and some us live under power lines… so they’ll locate a link in their chain here.

Of course, I might have felt differently if it were shoe store, but it’s not. So, I’ll skip Walgreens and probably keep getting my prescriptions filled at the same hometown pharmacy with the same hometown people I’ve known all my life.

Wait! Are they having a semi-famous or once-famous rock band for the Grand Opening? Free hot dogs? Free anything? No?

Yeah… well I’m not going.


2 thoughts on “Walgreens

  1. This very much sounds like my kind of rebellion. Unfortunately, when the new big fancy pharmacy moved here, my pharmacist went to work for them, selling his little mom and pop operation.
    So, now I go. But you are fancy, all we got was a SuperFreds.

  2. I completely understand his decision to become a SuperFreds employee. It is tough enough to own a small business. If you are also competing against a huge corporate chain, well, it’s like running a constant marathon only you’re never sure you’re going in the right direction.

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