On Thought Thinkers and Button Pushers

All businesses need thought thinkers and button pushers.

The thought thinkers think up things for the button pushers to do.  They design innovative products,  invent solutions to existing problems or maybe decide what color and design will appeal most to the target buyer.

The button pushers are the folks who actually employ the solutions, produce the product, make the appropriate colored labels for the product, package, load and deliver.

Although the country could not survive without button pushers,  it is the thinkers of thoughts who tend to be well paid.  The button pushers less so.

Standard practice to increase profits seems to be for businesses to maintain a few overpaid thought thinkers and entire factories of low-paid unskilled button pushers.

But here is what I’ve discovered:  it is far wiser to pay for thought thinking button pushers even if it means eliminating thought thinkers who ne’er a button shall they push.

Otherwise, you end up in situations where you must explain to *Dumb Ralph once a week that the computer containing the AutoCAD program is much like his good coon dog, you get more out of it if you don’t kick it.

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