Opportunity Knocked: Then Went Elsewhere

Mr. Smartypants and the Hubby have tickets for the UT v. KY basketball game on Sunday. It’s the first home game since we tamed the Memphis Tigers.

Following the Memphis game, due to our no. 1 ranking and our nine game winning streak, the fellas at Mr. Hubby’s work offered him triple face value for the tickets.

Suspecting they had far more money than sense, I urged him to sell.  Alas, Mr. Hubby wouldn’t hear of it. This was a male bonding experience, he said, a way to spend some quality time with his son.

Yesterday, I had him convinced he should take the money and toss the baseball or go for a long walk in the park.  Unfortunately, Vandy knocked off Tennessee off last night and considering that Kentucky has already trounced us once –  the tickets have lost some of their imagined value.  Well that or the wives found out what the husbands offered and nixed the deal.

Either way: we missed out.

So, Ms. Diva and I will spend Sunday at Libby Lu – after we set the DVR to record the game on CBS, of course.  Mr. Smartypants likes to race home and replay the entire game on fast forward to see if he made it on camera. 

He always spots himself too – almost, sorta, close enough to maintain his record as “second grader who has appeared on television while painted orange the mostest.” 


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