In Case You Hadn't Noticed

As you may have noticed, I haven’t been blogging much lately. (Or maybe you haven’t noticed, and I flatter myself by thinking you had.)

Anyway, I’ve been incredibly busy with real life.

In addition to routine to-dos, we had tons of volunteer duties to discharge. (I’d like to add here that were it not for fellow volunteers: Professor D, Lady Gray, Miss Missy and the Bond Girl: my sanity would have vanished completely. Thanks to their dedicated efforts, my mental faculties are intact enough so that I can at least answer back when I talk to myself. )

After we pushed through the volunteer stuff: the kids got sick. Both of them. At the same time. This means, for purposes of maintaining a legal school attendance record, we’ve been running to the pediatrician’s office at $164 a visit – so they can tell us: “It’s a virus. It will pass. Plenty of Fluids. If it isn’t better in two days, come back and give us another $164.”

I understand the necessity of the state’s school attendance policy, but if you’re on a Flexible Spending Healthcare Account with an Akashi-Kaikyo-type bridge before traditional coverage kicks in, it can quickly shrink one’s wallet.

(Furthermore, these visits increase the possibility we will be paying for the Summer’s series of stitches, slings and casts out-of-pocket.)

Anyway, $656 later, the kids were back in school and on their regular schedule: Cub Scouts, Reading Group and basketball. Oh, and Diva is taking a clogging class now, (which, by the way, is surprisingly loud. Therefore, I amend my previous statement that they’ve never made a pair of shoes I didn’t like… they have: any kind with Steven Stompers attached the bottom.)

We cannot quit the class though: no matter how many headaches it causes me. See, we are in the process of breaking a stereotype here. My husband says black folks don’t clog: and I intend to prove him wrong. (Although since discovering that clogging is the official state dance of Kentucky and North Carolina, I feel the odds are against me.)

Speaking of Mr. Hubby, I should also tell you that for Valentines Day, he sent a quartet to the school cafeteria to sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” and gift me with a single rose. After I recovered from the shock of seeing four guys in suits marching across the lunch room (I initially thought the IRS had came to haul me away) I was properly mortified.

Nevertheless, Mr. Hubby is soooo out of the doghouse – for a minute anyway… at least until I figure out what thing he did, which I don’t know he did, but must have done in order for him to make a grand gesture. In my experience, grand gestures are followed by large credit card bills for man machines, equipment, gadgets or business luncheons at Hooters.

Then, yesterday — you know how I claim to never get sick? I was wrong. I have the flu, which I probably picked up at school Thursday. So, give me a few days to recuperate and I’m sure I’ll return to blogging on a regular basis.

After all, I cannot be sick for long. The school book fair is coming up, soccer season will be starting soon and I have way too many things to do: and not enough time to do them.


One thought on “In Case You Hadn't Noticed

  1. A lot of people are talking about this. As we know, not all the folks with kids in school can afford bring them to the doctor just to be told there’s nothing he can do. Therefore a lot of parents in these parts have little choice but to send their sick children to school. This ends up exacerbating the problem and creates epidemics. Each year, 36,000 people DIE from the flu in the U.S. and more than 200,000 people are admitted to the hospital due to flu symptoms. The current attendance record policies contribute to this situation, and contravene CDC guidelines to reduce influenza epidemics. The board feels they are necessary in order to maintain the attendance levels required by NCLB, or risk losing federal funding. Perhaps it’s time to just give up on the federal funding as it is only causing deaths and misery.

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