Party Factions

Dear Republicans:

McCain is your frontrunner.  I’d love to take the time to tell you why this is not a good thing, but I have children home from school battling a messy, sort of sick.

So, Rob Huddleston will do the explaining for you.


4 thoughts on “Party Factions

  1. OK, I read that, but he says hardly nothing about McCain. I don’t know anyone who was planning to vote for McCain, yet he got the majority of the Hawkins vote with Huckabee a close second. I guess this represents the military vote? Strange, I thought they were supporting anti-war candidate Paul. I’m starting to wonder about these computerized machines. I saw tons of signs up for Paul and none for McCain, how is it that Paul barely registered in the single digits here?

  2. Deborah –

    1) It appears from exit polling that McCain did very well amongst white, older, rural Tennesseans. Being a former resident (many moons ago) of Hawkins County, that describes a good deal of the populace there. I believe he did well with that demographic because he himself is older, white, and a war hero.

    2) As for Paul, he didn’t do well because the media has portrayed him as bat-ass crazy. That’s unfair, because Ron Paul isn’t crazy at all. Many of his supporters are, but that’s a different story. They are the loud minority with plenty of money to give to their candidate of choice, but there wasn’t any real grassroots support for Paul. His support was an inch in area and miles deep, when it is usually better in a primary to have it the other way around.



  3. Deborah,
    Sorry I didn’t communicate clearly.

    Rob pointed out the Republicans will have a tough go of it in November due to the sheer number of Democrats participating and Obama’s appeal to the average voter.

    It is my opinion that McCain cleaning up last night won’t help matters. The party is already at odds where McCain is concerned and I cannot see him making nice to please the ultra-conservatives. As a result, we’re going to be lacking the things necessary to win the White House: party unity, participation, good luck mojos, pixie dust and what have you.

    McCain’s results in TN weren’t all that surprising. People who loathed him during Iowa started singing a different tune when Fred dropped out. I did expect to see a better turn out for Ron Paul though – as he seemed to be building quite a bit of support here over the past few weeks.

  4. Hi Rob, I don’t believe for a minute that Paul’s support in this county was an inch deep. Everybody was talking about voting for him and the Ron Paul lawn signs were all over the county. And he got 293 votes in the end – I don’t believe that figure and will not until we return to paper ballots that have some real verification of the vote possible, and a transparent voting process.

    As to McCain, I suppose he is OK, he seems to be publicly against torture having himself been brutally tortured by the Viet Cong for six years. I am just surprised to see this huge showing after hearing very little about his campaign and seeing him not come in well in any polls, and never hearing anyone talking about him as a candidate. If he runs against Obama, I think Obama will win and that is fine with me. If he runs against Hillary, I don’t know what will happen. I don’t trust Hillary, she is a new york corporate lawyer type with a long history of tricky business that is glossed over and unexplained.

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