Government Week and Bread Baking at JRP

Last week was Government Week at Mr. Smartypants’ school.

On Monday, 2nd grade classes held primary elections for class delegates. This was followed by a general election later in the week.  According to Smartypants the race in his class was close, coming down to a one vote difference between Cutie Pie and Cool Boy.  Apparently, Cutie Pie took the position after the J-Man turned traitor and voted for a (sneer here) girl.

On Friday, the school welcomed several guest speakers, such as Former Congressman Bill Jenkins, Ag Commish Ken Givens, Rep Mike Harrison, candidate Mike Faulk, and from local government: Hawkins County Mayor Crockett Lee, Rogersville Mayor Jim Sells, County Trustee Patsy Courtney, Juvenile Judge Jay Taylor, and Jack Price (who narrowly defeated Don Cinnamon for the title of Property Assessor in last night’s Primary.)

According to Mr. Smartypants, the this list contains “almost all of the important politicians for the whole entire state of Tennessee but Breederson and the Main President.” (He suspects Principal Missus Webb did not invite President Bush for fear his Secret Circus might blow something up or declare war on 1st grade.)

He also pointed out most of the politicians in attendance were `publicans, which can only mean `publicans are nicer than the Donkey guys.

Anyway, while Governor Bredesen was a few miles on up the road schmoozing folks with better spelling skills, these guests spent time with groups of 7-8 year olds, describing their jobs in government and answering questions.

Photo by David Grace from Times-NewsHarrison, I think, provided the kids with “How Government Works” activity books.

Faulk, who arrived a bit early, took the time to read to Mr. Smartypants’ class.

I assume he also handed out campaign cards because Mr. Smartypants came dragging one home with instructions to vote for “the baseball candy guy.”

While I am mortified that Smartypants appeared in the newspaper photo (@ Left) in what he has dubbed his “favorite dork pants” and in dire need of a haircut: I am relieved the week has ended without him pushing “Cool Boy” to launch a smear campaign or asking any of the politicians questions about Fake Indian PACS, mustached competitors and/or why the governor needs a fancy basement.

Also at JRP: 2nd Grade teacher Kelli Walker, who helped organize Government Week, held the final meeting of the 2nd Grade Science Club on Monday. While the parents were busy with the PTO meeting, these future scientists played host to Special Guest “Baker Bob.”

“Baker Bob” led a demonstration on how to make yeast bread, which the children seemed to enjoy. In fact, Smartypants and his cohorts claim “Bob” was waaay cooler than the Government guys because he allowed them to punch dough.

Unfortunately, we did not sample Mr. Smartypants bread. We accidentally left his loaf in the car overnight. The yeast fermented causing the bread to become something like chewy beer.

Other Upcoming events at JRP: February 12th – Muffins for Moms and February 14th – Valentine’s Day party


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