Running Scared

“I’m not fearful of losing. … I’ve always been outspent in every election.  It really comes down to my wanting to be there or not be there.” — Senator Mike Williams

You can go read Mike’s entire tale of an Independent’s woe as told by Hank Hayes.  Then, we’ll review just so we’re clear.

If Williams decides not to seek re-election in April, his decision will be based entirely upon his distaste for the partisanship present in state politics.

It will have nothing at all to do with the fact that voters are displeased, the great winds of GOP money and support have changed directions or that Mike Faulk can feel those breezes blowing through his senatorial-like hair.

Nope, all of that would be irrelevant.

And yet the whole line of bull reminds me of how, when I beat Mr. Smartypants at checkers, he will unfailingly declare: “OH YEAH! IT IS ONLY `CAUSE I LET YOU WIN.”


One thought on “Running Scared

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