Outrage Moving Southward

Don has a bit on his blog about the John Pierce/Dick Saslaw hooha. Pierce, a Bristol VA gun-rights activist and co-founder of Open Carry, was apparently in in Richmond to lobby against a controversial bill to close the gun-show loophole. While there, he allegedly overheard VA’s Senate majority leader make an unflattering remark about gun owners.

According to Pierce, Sen. Richard (Dick) Saslaw, D-Fairfax, turned to his companion and said: “You can tell we’re debating a gun bill today. Half the cast of Deliverance is in town.”

The Republican Party of Virginia issued a news release asking Saslaw to explain who exactly he was insulting.

According to Tim Craig @ the WaPo blog, Saslaw responded to questions with the remark, “How do they know I was referring to them and not the other side? … Some of those people must have one hell of an inferiority complex.”

Eh, whatever.  I wouldn’t bother with being incensed by his remark. Saslaw has never been secretive about where he stands on the issue. We’ve all said far worse about politicians – particularly the Democrats. Plus, the bill flopped. So, why bother getting your boxers all twisted over what this Dick thinks about you?


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