Mumpower seeks to end DEC investigations spurred by anonymous tips

Times-News reports Tennessee House GOP Leader Jason Mumpower has introduced legislation that would prohibit the Department of Environment and Conservation (DEC) from undertaking investigations or enforcement actions based solely on tips from anonymous sources.


“Certainly we’re going to take all measures to be sure that people aren’t able to dump anything toxic, but I don’t think it’s too much to ask to allow the Department of Environment to know who is making the complaint,” Mumpower said of the bill.

Granted I have not read the bill but do you think there might be countless reasons why this is a horrible idea?

R. Neal had a post about the bill on Monday – explaining why this might be a bad thing.

As for my thoughts on the issue – well, it could be the toxins in the water caused by illegal dumping – or it could be air pollutants. Perhaps it’s the exhaust fumes inhaled while traveling back and forth from Nashville. Whatever it is – something has definitely caused a substantial reduction in the amount of the local lawmaker’s working brain cells.


That was quick – I just received an email from Dale, who was offended by my parting Mumpower remark – because Mumpower is good, kind, loves puppies and is cool enough to be the lead singer of a House Rock Band. Also, according Dale, this above referenced bill is genius and would end the nitpicking and brouhaha between the Nature Conservancy and Shady Valley Watershed Authority – because the Crazy Nature People want to flood the area and grow Cranberries whereas the Watershed people don’t want the mosquitoes that would come with the bogs. Uh, okay.

Furthermore, Dale suggests that I stop watching Erin Brockavich and live in the real world instead of TV land. While I’d consider the Erin Brockavich thing a bit off-topic, I got four words for you Dale – BASED ON TRUE STORY.


One thought on “Mumpower seeks to end DEC investigations spurred by anonymous tips

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