Who'll Incite the Riots?

Jonah Goldberg and Glenn Reynolds have previously warned of the “social unrest” among “certain segments” of our population should Obama lose either the nomination or the election.

(If you happen to live under a rock and missed this, catch up @ TennViews where the Goldberg/Reynolds musings are dubbed “the newest bit of pus to ooze from the syphillitic fantasies of the Republican slime machine.” Oh c’mon, you’ve gotta love Andy Axel for that description.)

Anyway, I’ve given this a bit of thought. And I do believe post-primary “Social Unrest” is possible. 

I just don’t think will be related to an Obama loss. 

It is more likely that the source of unrest will be those lunatic Ron Paul supporters, as most seem to believe if you’re not a part of the Revolution, you are an evil tool of the establishment and a low-life a!@$ big @#&!)# who can just go #$!@ yourself.

See, they’re practicing already.


One thought on “Who'll Incite the Riots?

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