I Drink for Longevity

ScienceDaily reported a few days ago: People who drink moderate amounts of alcohol and are physically active have a lower risk of death from heart disease and other causes than people who don’t drink at all, according to new research. People who neither drink alcohol nor exercise have a 30-49 per cent higher risk of heart disease than those who either drink, exercise or both.”

(Moderate was considered between 1-14 drinks a week )

The upside is – I have a brand new excuse to add to the “Why I Drink” list along with “Hello! Have you met my husband?”

The downside is – in order to use the “I drink for my health” excuse and make it convincing, I should start an exercise program… which I fully intend to do… but not now… later… after I finish my drink.


2 thoughts on “I Drink for Longevity

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