Defending my Fair and Balancedness

I received an email yesterday from a yellow-dog Democrat friend of mine. The email accused me of “providing unfair and excessive coverage of the local Republican party, their candidates and activities” on my personal blog “without mentioning the local Democratic Party.

My first instinct was to reply: “We have Democrats here?” but I did not.

See, the fact is I don’t consider myself a Republican Blogger. I also don’t think I mention the Republican party overmuch. Sure, I may offer links to this Republican site, this Republican site or this Republican site – or I might link to a Republican here or a Republican there.

This doesn’t mean I favor Republicans. And I certainly do not want non-Republican people, who are members of parties, other than the Republican one, to feel excluded.

So here is what I’ll do for the local Democrats:

The next time all four of you get together, let me know in advance. And I’ll blog it. Fair enough?


One thought on “Defending my Fair and Balancedness

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