Tenn. GOP gets pranked

From Knox News / WVLT:

State Republican Party Chairman Robin Smith says the party has changed the voice mail for its telephone system after it was cluttered by long-winded messages left by pranksters.

Smith says the first time it happened someone ranted in what she called “a drunken stupor” for a half-hour.
Noting that the recordings included criticism of President Bush being declared the winner of the 2000 presidential election, Smith says the calls were probably from Democrats.

Democratic Party spokesman Wade Munday says there is no concentrated effort by his party to inundate the GOP’s voice mail.
Munday says his party gets messages from drunken callers, too.

But the Democrats apparently do not receive enough calls to warrant a system overhaul… so, what gives?

Mr. D suggests the TN GOP is encountering these problems because the American people are angry. They are angry about the war in Iraq, the economy, immigration reform, Bush’s overall leadership and the media’s tendency to blame the GOP for everything going wrong.

Nice theory, but I disagree. I think the lack of prank calls to the Dem headquarters is due to fact that Tennessee Republicans can clearly hold their liquor better than Tennessee Democrats.

Also notable:

Lt. Gov. Ron Ramsey has revised the makeup of state Senate committees for the legislative session that begins this week, most notably giving Republicans solid control of the Education and Commerce committees.

Last year, the Education Committee consisted of four Republicans, four Democrats and Independent Sen. Mike Williams of Maynardville.

Now Republicans have a 5-4 majority with Sen. Randy McNally, R-Oak Ridge, added to the panel and Williams removed.


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