PriCe of a suSpiCious MiNd

Yesterday afternoon, I visited my parents.  You know, this is what small-town southern folks do on Sunday afternoons. We’re enthusiastic about unity, togetherness, kinfolk and all that. Plus, if Mama cooks lunch/dinner, then I’m off the hook and out of my kitchen.

Anyway, Daddy and I were watching CNN, and Obama was on.  Well, I was watching.  Daddy was offering rebuttal and finally just heckling the television.

At some point, Obama told the New Hampshire crowd about meeting with voters in Iowa.  He said:

“We had Republicans coming in. […] They whispered to me, they pulled me aside, ‘Barack I’m a Republican, but I support you, and I’m changing registrations for this caucus.’

Immediately, Daddy shot me “the look.” It was the same “look” I got back in 1990 when I smuggled three boys and a bottle of rum into the house during a slumber party.

“What?! Why are you lookin’ at me?” I yelled.

To which my Daddy replied, “You always raise your voice when you’re guilty. You have since you were a little girl.”


Later, I received a whole slew of anti-Obama emails from the kinfolk. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear Daddy sounded the alarm and requested an intervention.

While I’m not nuts about Obama – I do wonder if Daddy has heard what they say about the Preacher’s Kids… ” First to rebel and last to repent.”

Of course, my Daddy isn’t a preacher.
He’s a Republican.

‘We are always paid for our suspicion by finding what we suspect.’ ~ Henry David Thoreau


5 thoughts on “PriCe of a suSpiCious MiNd

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  2. I love this! I AM a preacher’s kid, and I had a similar experience with my dad this weekend. He’s actually not Republican at all, but I still manage to raise his hackles when I seem to be getting my liberal on (which is rare, but fun when it happens).

  3. There are times when I annoy my father just for kicks. Other times, I truly do not like what the GOP is offering. *Sigh* If only voters had an “Anyone but those guys” option, we could both be happy.

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