Lessons I Learned from Iowa

Yes, I am in denial about it . No, I don’t really want to talk about it.

I had decided last week I wasn’t blogging Iowa. Beyond serving as some type of political launch party, how important is Iowa anyway? It does not mimic the country’s demographics. There are other key states… and Iowa has picked losers before. Besides, the state doesn’t even have a professional sports team – and black people won’t live there. I know this all immaterial but it makes me feel better to point it out.

Nevertheless, despite my best efforts, I noticed some things. How could I not? I mean, Barak Obama? Really?

What I found particularly noteworthy from Iowa was Obama’s Victory speech (transcript here) It wasn’t the words, which caught my attention so much as the fact that Barak Obama nailed that powerful, poetic King Cadence – which contrary to popular belief is not a black-thing. And I couldn’t help but wonder: Was this intentional? Did he practice… and wait, did he just mention the marches in Selma, growing up in the Streets of Chicago and something about the future of our children?

Holy shit, was that me humming “We Shall Overcome?”

Anyway – the significance of Obama’s win was enough to drive me to drink. Okay, I was already drinking – but the significance of this made me drink faster than before.

Meanwhile, Huckabee is rockin’ his way through NH, 

After a big victory in the Iowa, Huckabee rolled into the Granite State on his big campaign bus and showed voters here that he can truly jam. Playing bass guitar with the well-known local band Mama Kicks.

Romney and McCain are expected to play in the New Hampshire mud while Fred has decided to nap until SC (Apparently his campaign strategy hinges on a belief that the South will rise again.) And no one takes Rudy seriously anymore since he’s gone Rain Man on 9/11.


Huckabee with Mama Kicks back in September

I must admit – I’m glad I was paying attention. See, I learned something from Iowa: something valuable and important, which is: I’m going to need waaaaay more beer before this is over.



6 thoughts on “Lessons I Learned from Iowa

  1. It’s the Hemingway Philosophy: you know “An intelligent man is sometimes forced to be drunk to spend time with his fools.” And since we’re intelligent women: we have to drink more.

    In fact, I consider it my civic duty.

  2. Questions 4 U if you’re not too drunk to answer:
    a. Do you really think there’s no black people in Iowa?
    b. Do you really think on his best day Rudy is an idiot savant?
    c. If it isn’t a black-thing, why do all black leaders do it?
    d. How about Ron Paul as a third Party Candidate?

    And why not Huckabee? I thought you were okay with the submissive woman crap.

  3. I resent the first remark as it is a well known fact I only drink excessively during debates and caucuses.

    a. Yes, I realize black people live in Iowa – but they both voted for Hillary. Anyway, you miss the point. Significance of Obama win in “white” state is there’s been some speculation as to whether or not Republicans would gain an advantage by facing a Democratic challenger who is female or African-American. Now, we know the answer is – not so much.

    b. Savant is pushing it – but you have to admit Giuliani has a static routine going, one which causes me to imagine him muttering, “9/11, yeah, 9/11. 9/11 was bad, very bad. I was there during 9/11. Ten minutes til Wapner!”

    c. No, the cadence is a gift. And all black leaders? Such as? Malcolm? No. Garvey? No. Mandela? Still no. Certainly, you don’t think Jesse Jackson hit the “rhythm that moves” – and Al Sharpton couldn’t even on his best day.

    d. No.

    Yes, I’ve dismissed the “submissive woman crap” for what it truly is: a bit of pol-igious glad handing. I’m not even deeply troubled by the ethics complaints : unlike Cousin Earl, who fears Huckabee would “squander his tax money on chicken and bloomers.”

    My problem is Huckabee’s history of making decisions – not based on the needs of the people he serves – but based on his own personal beliefs, his best interest, or out of sheer-ass stubborn spite.

  4. Yes, it is. Poligious – of or relating to poligion/ or politics of organized religion. Okay, fine. I made it up – but this is my blog. I can use nonsense terms if I wanna.

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