Making Excuses for the New Year

While the children enjoyed trudging around Market Square, waiting for the ball to drop, they were a bit baffled by the celebration of a new year.

“When the ball drops, does that mean it is Christmas again?” Diva asked enthusiastically.

“No, when the ball drops it is officially January 2008,” I explained.

She frowned, “So, we’re having a party because we got a new calendar?”

“Uh… something like that.”

There is simply no way to explain to a five year-old that adults often screw-up their lives to such an extent that, yes, we are eager to celebrate the ending of one year and embrace the beginning of another. It is much easier to leave it at: “We got a free calendar from Ms. Connie at U-Save Discount Drugs. This calls for a celebration! So, woo-hoo, let’s go get our faces painted!”

However, if you are still in the mood for New Year’s-related reading, I recommend Southern Beale’s Burn List or Joe Powell’s list of Things We Could Do Without in 2008.

Year 2008

Celebrating the free calendar @ Market Square


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