Me Thinks My Matrix is Broken

Bob Krumm is selecting his Presidential candidate by using a decision matrix.

Using a decision matrix is rather simple. Determine the areas you wish to rank, the criteria for each ranking, and the relative weights of each area. For this decision I had four areas: the three legs of conservatism as Reagan used to call them—national defense, fiscal conservatism, and social conservatism—as well as electability. The criterion for each is a simple rank ordering from best to worst with best being a 5 and the worst receiving a 1. I used the following weights: national defense, which I view as most important received a 4. The other three areas received a weighting of 2 so that the sum of ranks was 10. To calculate the total score you multiply a candidate’s rank (5 is best, 1 is worst) in each area by that area’s weight and then sum across each area. In theory the best candidate could receive a maximum of 50 points.

I think this is an excellent idea.

Nowadays, voters are deluged with information about  candidates much of it irrelevant.  It can be a lot to process, and for those still struggling to make a decision, the matrix could serve to pinpoint important issues and narrow down the field of candidates.

Go read Krumm’s post and then give it a try.

Yesterday,  following Bob’s model,  Pops and I each completed a matrix.  What else would we do @ the Christmas Eve family get-together?  For Pops, McCain received the highest ranking followed by Fred.  My matrix placed Fred at the top – but also revealed (according to Pops’ in-depth analysis)  that deep down, I am a cheap Democrat with a drinking problem.


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