Handshakes and Hobnobbin’ – Too Little, Too Late

Voters of the 4th District:

Some of you might be interested in this post from Bill Hobbs:

State Sen. Micheal Williams, the ex-Republican-turned-Independent, is running for re-election in the solidly Republican 4th district, reports the subscription-only Tennessee Journal. According to the TJ, Williams sent a reelection fund-raising letter to lobbyists this week declaring that he’s in a fight with “right-wing extremists” and needs his “true friends” to stick with him. His true friends are … special interest lobbyists.

Hobbs also has a copy of Mike Williams‘ 1996 Campaign Ad, which declares: “Mike Williams does NOT take money from special interests. Never has. Never will.”

I am not shocked by the Senator’s new-found fondness for anyone willing to toss money his way. As Daddy says: beggars can’t be choosers.

Over the past year, Williams has lost a great deal of Republican support in his district.  Consequently, he would be hard pressed to walk away from here with a 10% off coupon for the NASCAR store.

Since campaigns need money and Williams will need a well-funded campaign to keep his head above water: what choice does he have? Political survival, in this case, requires that he abandon previous promises.

What I find disturbing is that Mike Williams would have folks believe this uphill battle he faces is largely attributable to the “right-wing extremists” whom are all out to get him. (Funny lil’ jab since it has me picturing Missus Cecil, the local GOP lady with a Bible in one hand and an Uzi in the other.)  Certainly, the 4th district has its share of party-line votin’ wingnuts. Most of `em dropped Williams as soon as he dropped the (R) after his name. But many others (regular ol’ nuts such as myself) didn’t care if Senator Williams defected. We weren’t offended. Some outright admired the move.

Even then, as Mike is a well-liked guy and has done some good things in Nashville, he could have gathered the support necessary to retain his seat.  All he had to do was show-up, make an effort – explain.  The simple act would’ve gone a long way toward convincing voters that Williams hadn’t completely lost touch.

It hasn’t happened.

Meanwhile, his opponent Republican Mike Faulk has been getting a lot of face-time with the voters. In fact, the local joke is: five people can’t convene in a public place without Mike Faulk showing up to stump.

I don’t agree with Faulk on all the issues. I didn’t expect I would. Faulk is Republican. I’m a borderline liberalish conservapromoderate-type something-or-another. Okay, I’m a walking political oxymoron – so let’s not go there.  The point is I know where Mike Faulk stands. I know this because I’ve had an opportunity to talk with him. He listened, and he explained his views. I assured him that some of `em were wrong. Then, Ol’ Bob, Bill, Emma Sue and Average Joe had the chance to bend his ear too.

It’s an effort Williams hasn’t made in awhile.

Now, in politics, isn’t taking the message to the people somewhat important? (Of course, in all fairness, he could be too busy battling imaginary foes of the right-wing extremist type to bother with us. I mean, for petesakes, the man’s at War! What do we expect?)

So there you have it – Williams has clearly chosen to place the blame for his political pickle on the Republican party without shouldering his share. In my opinion, this will be the flaw which sends him home to Maynardville – because the truth is Senator Williams is battling something far more volatile than right-wing extremists. He’s facing  Abandoned Constituents.

Come November, if local voters turn their backs on Mike Williams, it will be ONLY because he turned his back on us. (Well… that and the fact that we are a six county wide network of secret operatives for Pat Buchanan’s right-wing extremist army, and unseating Williams is a crucial part of our master plan to take over the world one state at a time. But keep that to yourself. Okay?)


2 thoughts on “Handshakes and Hobnobbin’ – Too Little, Too Late

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  2. There’s lately been a lot of mean-spiritedness in Tennessee politics that just doesn’t seem right. I just came back from an event and was surprised to see Senator Mike Williams there as it was a rather small community function, not a big money event at all. I thought he was quite nice and open in person. Whenever I’ve written him about pending legislation in the past, he’s always responded and voted as I would on that issue so I can say with first-hand experience and conviction that I never felt he was unavailable to me as a constituent. I thought he was doing a good job and still do. He left the Republican party because Tennessee politics have gotten too partisan and heavy-handed and I believe it. He’s in it to represent his constituents, not a party so what does it matter what party or none? I hope he gets reelected. He’s got my vote. He earned it a long time ago by just doing his job. I’m not saying his opponent isn’t ok. I just don’t see any reason to replace Mike Williams.

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