No Love and Cherish, but how`bout Obey

I’ve heard the news stories about Eunice Lopez, the 26-year old Florida woman accused of marrying ten men over a four year period of time as part of an immigration scam.

According federal authorities, Lopez, who is a legal U.S. resident, is accused of marrying the men for an undisclosed amount of money for immigration status.

Now, before I decide how outraged I am, I’m going to need a bit more information about the case.

Although Lopez allegedly squeezed the men for money, I assume she did not reside with any of the ten spouses. If she did not share a household with them, I will also assume she was not expected to do pick up their socks, do their laundry or cook for them.

I wonder if she ever coerced these spouses into agreeing to change the oil in her car, mow the grass, repair the appliances or perform other manly-type tasks, which some wives must do themselves if they want it done – particularly if the wife has been married (hypothetically) for ten years, has two kids and often fantasizes about her husband’s big, hot life insurance policy.

If these men did perform such chores, how would she have gone about finding them – an ad in the paper? Word of mouth? Also, what is the punishment for bigamy? What if it’s over five but less than ten? Seriously, I need to know before I can decide how bad this is.


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