Training for the Crackdown

According to the Tribune, the Morristown Police Department plans to turn up the heat on individuals who carry forged alien registration cards, driver’s licenses and Social Security cards. All uniformed and civilian MPD employees will undergo training next month to help them recognize bogus ID cards that are routinely presented by illegal aliens. Detectives will receive specialized training on how to prosecute forged-documents and identity-theft cases.

Morristown City Council also sent a resolution to state legislators seeking to shift the authority for enforcing some federal immigration laws to the MPD.  If the state legislators are successful in passing legislation and the MPD’s immigration-related powers are expanded, the training will be invaluable.   Blogger Linda Noe has posted a copy of the resolution, which was modeled after Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act of 2007. (AP report on Okie bill here.) The Hamblen County Commission will vote on similar resolution Dec. 20th.

(More on this trend from Stateline: With feds stuck, states take on immigration)


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