Keep Dreamin’ of a White Christmas

Despite the fact that we had record-breaking high of 75 yesterday: Don Fenley may be onto something.

The National Weather Service is indeed calling for snow this weekend – and last night, on the trip home from the Bristol Motor Speedway, we encountered salt spreaders on the road.  As early as this morning, locals were optimistically discussing their intentions to pull out the sleds and stock-up on supplies. Unless the NWS changes their tune, come Friday morning, there won’t be a gallon of Mayfield milk, loaf of Mary Jane Bread or six-pack of Miller High Life left in Hawkins County.

The Farmer’s Almanac, however, predicts:14-17: Rain, then sunny. Dewayne Trail’s Annual Folklore Winter Forecast on WGNS predicts a mild winter as well – more importantly Aunt Bert concurs.

Her methods of prediction:

  • woolly worm stripes
  • squirrel tails
  • fluffiness of lambs’ wool
  • onion and apple peels
  • an arthritic elbow
  • and Al Gore

My prediction:  I think you people should stop buying up all the beer and wasting perfectly good salt.


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