Joys of Online Shopping

Just in time for Christmas!  Roger Abramson at Music City Bloggers walks readers through the basics of establishing an online shopping account with this humorous yet distressingly accurate post:

Step One

Thank you for deciding to place an order with, your source for all of your online egg beater needs.

Before placing your order, you will need to register with us to become a Preferred Member of We do this because you wouldn’t believe the number of people who want to become Preferred Members of and would do just about anything to become one. Frankly, we only want people who are serious about beating eggs to be Preferred Members and this process sorts out the riff-raff.

We promise that we will not use this information for any purpose other than making money in some form or fashion, including selling it as part of a massive list to other online vendors, even though, if pressed on the matter, we will claim we don’t do that sort of thing. Other than that, we will do everything possible to protect your privacy, unless you count random unsolicited offers for discount egg beaters.

Go read.


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