Uzis or Hound Dogs


NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP) – Nashville police say a shooting outside a pizza restaurant may involve a dispute between rival rap groups. Twenty-nine-year-old Travell Price was walking out of Chuck E. Cheese restaurant when he was shot three times in front of his wife and three daughters. Witnesses said Price was at the pizza parlor Sunday night for a birthday party, and the shooter was waiting for him in the parking lot.

He was hospitalized in critical condition and a hospital wing was placed on lockdown for fear Price was still in danger.

Police said Price has an arrest record and has ties to a local rap music group. They believe he was targeted. Police are interviewing witnesses and checking on surveillance video.

Chuck E. Cheese? Ties to a rap group? As in the music genre? Does the shooting have anything to do with the music or is this just an irrelevant sidenote that some white guy added to highlight the blackness of it all? Kind of like if a Hispanic guy is arrested at a taco stand: they need to tell you this.  But the guy was gunned down in front of his kids. What music-related thing could he have possibly done to evoke such a brutal response? Mis-rhymed, stole a lyric?

You know, I’m not wild about country music – but I appreciate that it’s nonviolent. Never will you read headlines that scream: Banjo Picker Stabbed, Believed to have Ties to Grand Ol’ Opry and Vince Gill.

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