Memo to System

I have been accused of failing to work within “the system.”

And I’ve thought quite a bit about this statement.  After some intense soul searching,  I’ve decided there’s some truth in the accusation.  Certainly,  a collaborative effort between myself and “the system” would yield better results.  Therefore,  for the good of mankind everywhere, I will join “the system” and refrain from all activities requiring independent thought or opinion.

I’ve even drafted a memo stating my intentions:

Dear System:

I am now working with you, so please consult me before passing, approving and/or engaging in massively stupid, reckless, irresponsible, outrageous or illegal acts.

Thank You.

Uh, does anyone happen to have an email or snail mail address for “the System” or should I just send it in c/o “The Man”?


3 thoughts on “Memo to System

  1. Angie:
    My perspective…there is no “the” system. Every system is made up of other systems. They are fun to learn and navigate… Learn the “system(s)” and make “them” work…

  2. Angie, I’ve sent countless memos to “them” and invariably the system ends up changing the rules all the time anyway,
    Is it wrong to say screw the system.

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