Presidents, Internets and My Friend Tom

Latest Update:
Oct 29, 6:00am PDT

MySpace and MTV are teaming up to give you the chance to meet Sen. Barack Obama, ask him questions by IM, and give live feedback on whether you like the answers or not. Check it out at and tune in for the live stream at 1:30 PM ET/10:30 AM PT on Monday. Your questions and feedback will be broadcast on MTV Monday night.

Instant messaging? Obama, Tom, MTV, and Myspace? YouTube debates? Truly, someone should insert an in-depth analysis right here (–> ) on how the internet has changed politics – particularly the 2008 Presidential Election, how this is an effective way to reach voters, why it is so effective, what types of voters they are reaching and is this a good thing or a bad thing.

Are politicians doomed if they do not take full advantage of “technology”? Will young voters make informed decisions or will they vote for the person they see most often on Myspace, You Tube, and MTV? Does this mean Fred has an advantage because he’s a former actor? Should Guilani release an M-rated X-box game, wherein he travels around torturing suspected terrorists with one of his speeches? Should Hillary beg to appear in the next Soulja Boy video? Oh, please God, don’t put her in hot pants or let her shake anything. Wait – does this mean Al Gore could enter the election and win because he invented the internets?  The above announcement definitely means something – and I clearly find myself too befuddled by it all to offer any intelligent comment.

So, you people draw your own conclusions while I go find a drink. Or maybe four.


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