Haunted Barn a Frighteningly Popular Attraction

Mr. Smartypants traveled to the Haunted Barn on Stanley Valley a few nights ago. Upon his arrival, the door creaked, the lights flickered, and the madman with the chainsaw revved it up…. sufficiently scaring the holy bejesus out of the boy before he made it through the doors and thus freeing me from a weekend spent dragging him to every haunted spot between here and Virginia.
The Barn, which benefits the Stanley Valley VFD is getting rave reviews around town and was recently featured in the Citizen Tribune:

ROGERSVILLE — In a creaking, century-old barn in a hollow off Highway 11W in Hawkins County, a madman with a chainsaw, an irate, gun-toting moonshiner and a splayed-open child await.

The gremlins and their fiendish associates go into hiding when the sun meets the horizon and sometimes stay as late as midnight.

What they have in common is that they’re either members of the Stanley Valley Volunteer Fire Department or their family.

The participants in the fourth annual Stanley Valley Volunteer Fire Department Haunted Barn will repeat their performances through All Hallows Eve.

“We just want people to come out and have a good time,” said Kevin Johnson, fire department captain. “Hopefully we can get a good scare into them, too.”

Admission to the haunted barn is $5. Johnson says that guides and the ghouls inside the barn can cater the frightening experience to different age groups.

“If they’ve got young children and they ask, we’ll tone it down a little,” Johnson said. “If you’ve got real, real young children, we’ll tone it down a lot.

“We just leave the closing time open,” Johnson added. “If there are people still coming, we’ll stay open as long as they come.”

James Horton, assistant chief, says the proceeds from holiday event will pay the fire department’s match on a grant to buy 12 new air packs, which cost about $5,000 apiece.

The volunteer fire department obtained a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant that pays 90 percent of the cost of the air packs, according to Horton.

With six nights remaining, the Stanley Valley Volunteer Fire Department has already exceeded last year’s fundraising take, according to Horton.


For more information, call Kevin Johnson at (423) 327-2999 or Allen Gibson at (423) 327-0298.


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