Chasing Rainbows

This morning as we made our mad dash to the school (seriously, will I ever learn to allow an extra 30 minutes for shoe-tying and ponytail meltdowns?) Mr. Smartypants spotted a huge rainbow in the sky.

“Look Mom! See that? It’s a rainbow!” He said because children love to state the obvious. “There’s a rainbow right there. Are you looking Mom?”

“Uh-huh, I see it. It’s very pretty,” I replied.

Deep down, I was thinking, “Yeah, yeah, pretty, symbolizes hope, renewal, cute puppies, unicorns and stuff… I don’t have time to sky-gaze. I’m driving and trying to read last week’s newspaper here.

“Bet there’s a pot of gold at the end of it.” Smartypants yelled, “Let’s go find it!”

“I don’t think so.”


“You have to go to school.”

“But it’s right behind those trees! See Look! Look Mom! Are you looking? That’s where the gold is! Mom! Are you looking? Let’s drive over there. Pleeeease!”

“Son, the end of the rainbow is not behind those trees. Once you get behind those trees, the end will appear to be behind some other trees.  It’s like chasing the moon. You can’t catch it.  It’s just refracted light.”

“So, where is the gold?”

“There is no gold. That’s an old Irish tale.”


Finally, the conversation moved to Ms. Diva’s kinda, sorta sore throat, which didn’t cause a temperature, but in her estimation was severe enough for her to miss school.  I delivered her to front door anyway.  We were 8 minutes late, which is good.  After 15 minutes, you have to exit the car and enter the office to sign-in, which requires listing a reason for your tardiness.

I usually leave it blank.  The truth is so embarrassing.  We were late on account of Ms. Diva lost her special Croc jibbit. We think the dog or her brother ate it.  OR  We couldn’t find clean matching socks.  OR  We are late because I could not jam the children into the car past all of the sports equipment and other crap.  So we had to clean it out first.

I certainly don’t want to write – we were late because we had to chase down a Leprechaun.  Would that just ensure a call to DCS and a mental evaluation for mommy!

As I headed back toward home, I heard on the radio that 4-year-old John McDonald, who contracted an E. Coli related  illness, is in serious condition in UT’s pediatric intensive care unit, had died.  The story is here.

I am just incredibly sad for those parents who can no longer hold their child, watch him grow, catch fireflies, give bubble baths, tell stories or chase rainbows.

Just for a minute – I really wish I’d chased that rainbow.


One thought on “Chasing Rainbows

  1. Today was my son’s birthday and he told me that there was a rainbow at school today and he thought it was just for him for his birthday.

    I think I am going to give up red meat entirely. I know people will think it is extreme and silly and i don’t know if I will be able to convince my kids that they don’t ever need to eat another Big Mac but I am going to try my best!

    I am so sad for the parents of the toddler. I hope that this E coli outbreak doesn’t take any more lives.

    I just want to wrap my kids in a bubble and never let them out of my sight between contaminated food, poisonous lead filled toys and staph in the schools I spend half of my life in fear for my family.

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