Judicious, Ludicrious or Michelobed-Up?

A few weeks ago, Blount County Circuit Court Judge W. Dale Young made the news for informing, Ana Calixto, a legal immigrant from Nicaragua who lives and works in Blount County, she had no rights in court.  He then instructed her to go back where she came from.  When asked what that would do to her two children, who are US citizens — the judge allegedly informed Ana there were Americans here in this country who could take care of her children.

While most folks were debating immigrants’ rights to due process and how to handle asshats with authority, I was trying to figure out why Judge Dubya Dale’s name sounded so familiar. Was he kinfolk? He certainly acted the part. Maybe he’d been one of Aunt Myrtle’s seven husbands?

Then, this past week, after Judge Dubya Dale made the news again for inappropriately interrogating a woman about her religious beliefs during a custody hearing, I googled him and figured it out why the name sounded familiar.

He is the famous frozen fetus judge.

Back in`89, Judge Dubya Dale went down in the history books as the judge who granted custody of seven frozen embryos to the woman who produced the eggs.   In his ruling, Judge Young wrote: ”The court finds that human life begins at the moment of conception. Mr. and Mrs. Davis have accomplished their original intent to produce a human being to be known as their child.”

The Court of Appeals reversed the decision, finding that Junior Davis had a “constitutionally protected right not to beget a child where no pregnancy has taken place” and the court would not allow implantation against the will of either party. The mother sought review in the Tennessee State Supreme Court, but by the time the case was up for review – she had moved to Florida, gotten remarried and no longer sought implantation of the embryos, which were ultimately destroyed in `93.

So, you can understand why I suspected Judge Dubya Dale was kinfolk.

He wants to ship all immigrants, legal or not, back to their birth country. He is leery of other religions. He believes that reproductive rights end and life begins at the moment of conception. Minus a court ruling declaring homosexuality, liberalism and feminism as treatable mental illnesses and an occasional declaration that the United States would’ve been a better off if the South had won the war, it’s almost as if someone dressed Uncle Bobby Earl Lee Lassiter in a black robe, gave him a few Michelobs and turned him loose on the bench.


3 thoughts on “Judicious, Ludicrious or Michelobed-Up?

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