Averting School Disaster

The story of the armed student making threats and the subsequent lock-down of the Hawkins County schools has taken various twists and turns throughout the day.

Parents are understandably confused, anxious and awaiting more information as to who, what and where the threat is. Already, as information is released and rumors told, the school system and individual schools are under fire for not acting sooner, not releasing students, not locking down other schools, not effectively communicating with the parents, etc.

As I see it, before we get our mommy bloomers in a twist, we must get both sides of the story.  We have the outside: what about the inside?

The inside story involves Principal Charlotte Webb standing at the gates, personally monitoring and turning back incoming traffic with her 5’4 bad little self.   There’s the side of the story where people inside the school, who aren’t entirely sure what’s going on either, making efforts to reassure the children and communicate with community members that no harm has been done.

Look, I don’t have a problem with opening discussions on how this could be work more efficiently… but let’s refrain from tossing our anger and frustration down on the wrong doorstep and adding to the problem.

UPDATE: Friday, September 21, 2007 all schools will be operating on a regular school schedule but will be in a restrictive entrance mode until the authorities apprehend the juvenile. Suspect in Hawkins County gun scare caught!


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