Accountability: A Non-Partisan Concept

Whether we’re talking about the “hateful”and “arrogant” Rob Briley of David Oatney’s World or House Speaker Jimmy Naifeh’s brilliant collegue– you cannot watch the video of his arrest and not feel sympathy for the guy.

Clearly, he is a mess.

And as more informationwas made available about the lawmaker’s ongoing struggles: there was no real question as to whether or not he should resign as Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.   Resignation or removal was unavoidable. The GOP knew it. The Governor knew it. The people knew it. Even Briley knew it.    I am extremely disturbed by Jimmy Naifeh’s incendiary response to the GOP’s call for Briley’s resignation.  Naifeh characterized the request as “pretty low-life” attempts to use the situation “as a partisan opportunity to take a real shot at Rob.”

C’mon. He cannot hold a position of leadership if convicted, and we all know the probable outcome here. The video evidence doesn’t leave a lot of defensive wiggle room.

The concept of accountability is not supported, practiced, controlled nor should it be unique to any group, party or cause.  You’d think if Republicans and Democrats could come to an agreement on anything it would be this: the General Assembly isn’t the best place for Briley right now.


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