If you see a fat guy, call the police!

According to the Kingsport Times-News:

The Elizabethton Police Department is searching for a large man who robbed Elizabethton’s Security Federal Bank at 510 Charlie Robinson Drive, on Monday. The man was able to escape with an undetermined amount of money.

The suspect was described by bank tellers as being in his late 40s, about 5 feet, 9 inches to 6 feet tall and weighing about 275 pounds. He was wearing a blue baseball cap, blue shirt and blue jeans. He had a bushy goatee.

Interim EPD Chief Matt Bailey is quoted as saying:

“He is a large individual. There should be no mistaking him. He will not be hard to spot.”

So, apparently, if you see a fat guy with a goatee, you should contact the police through the Crimestoppers line at 542-7574.  Given the abundance of men in the Tri-Cities area, who match this description, I imagine there will be many calls.  You may want to limit yourself to 20 per day.


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