Tennessee Dems Headed in Wrong Direction

Yesterday, in the Kingsport Times-News, I read Mike Faulk’s response to recent criticism of his Faulk for Senate website.

Faulk says:

“I think Barack Obama has done a good job of building a grass-roots organization, and he’s done a good job of grass-roots fund raising, but that doesn’t excuse the fact we used very similar language on our Web site, and I take full responsibility for that. I should have checked it more carefully. … (Obama’s) volunteer and financial donations pages were good models.”

The potential candidate for state senate has also issued an apology to the Obama campaign for the design oversight.

In case you haven’t been following: earlier this week, Kleinheider at Volunteer Voters pointed out the site’s “Donate” and “Get Involved” pages displayed text identical to that on the Obama`08 website. Shortly thereafter, Tennessee Democratic Party Chairman, Gray Sasser issued a comment about the similarities entitled “The Audacity of Faulk.” Things got entirely ridiculous when the AP picked the story up from the Times.)

For the record, I understand why Sasser had to take this shot. Mike Faulk has this unshakable, slightly annoying sense of composure. Ruffling his feathers is a tough hobby and I’d normally recommend that it be abandoned in favor of pursuing less difficult activities, such as skydiving or Chinese acrobatics.  Truly, Sasser was presented with a golden opportunity.  I don’t blame him for grabbing it.

However, I don’t think flustering the unflappable Faulk was the sole motivation. If anything, Faulk and other US1/104 Republican candidates may want to prepare for a bumpy campaign trail since I doubt this shot will be the last.

On Monday, there was an article in the Times-News wherein Sasser insinuates that the entire Republican Party in this area is vulnerable.

He stated:

“We’re going to continue to highlight in the coming weeks and months that Democrats offer real change for America.”

[…] we think we can make inroads up there, and we’re making a commitment behind it. … ”

Is part of this commitment nitpicking GOP candidates and making mountains out of molehills? Should we expect more of this as we approach the Race for `08? Has the TDP taken into consideration the possibility that the “highlighting” might backfire?  Look, I realize men are somewhat weird about asking for directions, but if these are Sasser’s “inroads,” he’d better get a new map.


2 thoughts on “Tennessee Dems Headed in Wrong Direction

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