THP holds Local Locksmith at Gunpoint

It’s sizzling outside and you’ve just locked your child in the car. Who should you call? The answer is not a locksmith, local authorities agree, but one Hawkins County family didn’t know that. As it turns out, neither did local locksmith Randy Price.

Price got a call from a parent saying their child had accidentally gotten locked inside a vehicle. Hearing a child’s muffled scream in the background of a telephone call, Price got on the road. He then contacted Hawkins County 911 to notify them of his intention to rescue a baby locked in a car.

Price was traveling 86 mph in a 55 mph zone to get to the scene when a THP officer got behind him.

Price thought the officer was either providing a police escort, or else dispatch would give the officer the message he’d left with them when he ran his tags.

However, Price was pulled over and nearly arrested at gunpoint on charges of evading arrest, reckless endangerment and speeding. Meanwhile, a Hawkins County deputy was dispatched to the scene to free the child.

Local authorities advise the public to dial 911 as soon as they discover they’ve accidentally locked a child in a vehicle.

Locksmiths or any other individual whose vehicles are unauthorized (lacking sirens or flashing lights) have no “right to speed” under any circumstances, Browning said.

All charges have been dropped except the speeding charge.

Personally, I think Price should have been let go with a stern warning and an explanation of the law.

Price was not aware that he was in violation of the law. He acted responsibly and notified the authorities. These authorities apparently did not inform him that county officers had been dispatched or that his race to get to child would result in charges. Under the circumstances, this trooper has my vote for Top TN Jackass and the Judge needs toss out the speeding charge against Mr. Price.


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