City says: Planners didn’t plan lack of quorum

I found out by way of Mr. T the meeting of the Rogersville planning board was canceled due to lack of quorum, leaving a few disgruntled citizens on the steps of city hall.

The meeting that never was has generated several emails, much speculation and a few conspiracy theories – not to mention the one where Ms. K’s does a little wishful thinking:

One can only hope they have all gotten a serious case of the diarrhea as this will prevent them from being so full of crap at the next meeting.

Sorry Ms. K.

A quick call to City Hall reveal that Micky Mouse and Jimmy Buffet are to blame.

According to City Recorder Bill Lyons, several members of the planning commission were away on vacation. These members did not coordinate their schedules and therefore were not aware of their absence would result in cancellation due to lack of quorum.   The Town of Rogersville denies the cancellation had anything to do with mafia connections or alien abductions.

The meeting has not yet been rescheduled.

On the agenda was the rezoning of the Taylor Drive area, off Tuggle Hill, from R1 to R3, allowing development of condos in the area.

Mr. Lyons also indicates there has been no word from the state on approval of the Hale Springs Inn proposal, submitted last month by Vincent Homes. However, a meeting will be held at 2:30PM for the purpose of reviewing bids submitted for the Hale Springs Inn HVAC units/installation. The public is invited to attend.


3 thoughts on “City says: Planners didn’t plan lack of quorum

  1. Mr. T???? Always did like him…. Kinda down to earth type of fella and always finding humor in what was happening…

  2. Well, I thought Mr. T, who was rather cool, would be preferable to Mr. C, which reminded me mostly of Tom Bosley and hefty trashbags.

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