The Biblical Pimps

Mr. Smartypants: “Mom, you’re such a pimp.”

Me: “A Pimp? Do you know what a pimp is?”

Mr. Smartypants: “Yep.”

Me: “What is it?”

Mr. Smartypants: “A cool person who wears a crazy hat.”

Me: “No. A pimp is someone who sells other people.”

Mr. Smartypants: “Sells `em for what?”

Me: “Uh….. well, er…. you know, a pimp sells the labor or work of another person and keeps the money. Kind of like if I made you rake the neighbor’s yard and kept all of the money except a quarter, I’d be pimping you out. ”

Mr. Smartypants: “Oh.”


Mr. Smartypants: “So, like those guys in the Bible, who sold their brother, they were pimps.”

Me: “Uh….. well…. um… Yes. Yes, they were.”

I couldn’t just leave it alone… now I wonder how many yards he’ll have to rake before we can afford his therapy.


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