consistency is a confession of failures

After overexposure to MSM coverage of the 2008 presidential campaign, are there times when you experience mood swings, moderate depression, a sensation of hopelessness or an increased urge to jump up and scream: “SCREW IT! I’m voting for Ron Paul!”

No? Are you sure? Okay then, neither do I.


2 thoughts on “consistency is a confession of failures

  1. OK, Angelia, settle down. Take a deep breath and count to ten. The, get out the old check book and send a donation to Ron Paul’s campaign.

    Trust me — if you don’t like the way things have been (the source of your insanity), you have to go against the MSM that has been promoting the status quo.


  2. Its okay, Angelia. You can be honest here. It’s not just you. Many people are getting tired of the status quo and for that reason, I think MSM and the political bigwigs have underestimated Paul.

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