Regional Stuff

Hawkins County Board of Education voted Thursday to fire tenured Clinch School teacher, Mike Noel. Noel was charged last month with committing sex crimes against two of his players. Although Noel had previously resigned his post via telephone call to Principal Linda Long: his resignation was not received in writing. He has 30 days to appeal the decision.

The decision is a result of those charges Noel faces in Kingsport , as well as charges placed by the Board of Education related to allegations of improper sexual conduct with players at school and near the school that the Hawkins County Sheriff’s Department is currently investigating. The Kingsport crimes allegedly involved games of strip poker.

WHAT GOOFBALL WOULD SWIPE OL’ GLORY? Hawkins County criminals aren’t the brightest. So, the missing 40 Ft flag may turn up flying from the back of someone’s pick-up truck soon enough.

WRGS Radio Personality, Mike Reeves is peeved about the parking along Church Street. Reeves’ wife operates a business along this street and complains that the illegal parking is hindering access and delivery for business owners. This issue has been brought to the City’s attention before… but never by someone who could, if they wanted, sing the Church Street Blues on Mike in the Morning.

*More local Gaurd units mobilized.
*Carter County man targeted for a hit or a scam.
*Truck driver implicated in string of serial murders.

*Esco cuts ties with Animal Control officers.

One of the prostitutes, pictured at left, evaded capture. (No, not really.)


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