Woman's Work

A woman’s work is never done.


3 thoughts on “Woman's Work

  1. angie,

    i was wondering if you could “doctor up” this photo a bit….like maybe take off my double chin and add a beard or something?

    otherwise this picture and all it represents is “spot on.”
    i wouldn’t change anything else.



  2. angie,

    looking at the picture a second time i also humbly request that you “take in” my pseudo large frame and make me a bit thinner.

    thanks again


  3. Trim the chin, add beard, make thinner – got it.

    You know, you’re worse than the womenfolk. So, how about I tell you instead: (1) you are very, very pretty (2) that shirt doesn’t make you look fat at all (3) just calm down (4) it’s only your imagination.

    Would that work?

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