Impossible Tasks

What do (3) little girls + (1) super macho boy + (1) crush + (1) fence to hop + (1) rusty nail equal? Answer: (7) stitches.

While playing super hero to impress the cuties, Mr. Smartypants sliced his foot. After cleaning the wound, there was no doubt it would need stitches. Mr. Dad, who is slightly fearful of females in packs, volunteered to pull ER duty rather than stay with the giggling gaggle.

7stitches.jpgAfter a 3 1/2 hour wait at the ER in Rogersville, Mr. Smartypants was sewn up and sent home with instructions to keep the area dry, clean and germ free.

Check. Keep 7-year old boy’s foot dry, clean, and germ free.

Let me just jot that down here on my list – right after dominate the universe, achieve world peace, save the planet and finish the laundry.


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