Righting Crockett’s Cart

Betcha Hawkins County Mayor Crockett Lee is still fuming over Monday’s Budget Committee meeting.

According to the Rogersville Review, Lee authorized $1,100 in overtime and $350 in fuel costs. The County Mayor’s office reports the money funded a trip to Florida, where county employees picked-up a military surplus vehicle.  The county’s intention was to assign this vehicle to the new EMA Director.  The funding for the trip will be covered by transfers within the existing EMA budget, specifically from anticipated costs of medical insurance.

However, District 4 Commissioner Virgil Mallet is miffed. He seems to think Crockett put the cart before the horse by approving the expenditure without the Budget Committee’s knowledge or consent. With Mallet entering the sole nay vote, the budget committee recommended approval of the budget amendment. A resolution is scheduled to go before the entire Commission on Tuesday.  Also on the agenda, a resolution naming Murrell as the EMA Director. I do not foresee any surprises coming out of the commission. My guess: Murrell gets the position and the Florida funding gets a final nod.

Nevertheless, Mallet did pose an interesting question: “What will happen if the commission votes no?”

Could the commission could take issue with Lee exercising $1.450 worth of authority? If so, how will Lee reimburse the county?



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