Impeached Thespians, Moon Pie Celebrations and Barbie Butts

So many things have tickled me this week.

* Newscoma encounters one American who fears the potential impeachment of her favorite actor.

* I’m thinking if the sermon was led by a long-winded Baptist, the flight was reasonable and justified.

*Award for Best Fear of Commitment Excuse.

* Booze market hits slump as Baptists temporarily embrace teetotalism (because, you know, people might talk.)

*  How cool is it that we have `Mater Festivals and Moon Pie Parties?

* And I saved the best for last: Diva’s grandpa bought her a Barbie doll yesterday. This morning, she pronounced the naked doll defective and tossed it in the trash.  According to Diva, her “butt had broked-off.”  It hadn’t – but despite my best efforts to explain to Diva this is how Barbie dolls are supposed to look, she sneered disdainfully at the discarded doll and said:

“Well, I don’t want her. Her butt is gone and it’s weirdy.”

I am so proud.


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