Ron Paul on the Potty

Ron Paul, the Presidential Candidate, is the same Ron Paul, Congressman, who appeared on Political Cesspool with James Edwards. Why yes, Political Cesspool is the same radio talk show that caught the attention of the Southern Law and Poverty Center and was later placed on the annual Hate Group Watch List.

Why yes! He is that Ron Paul, who has (what some consider) questionable ties. Yes, he has made a slew of well-documented and somewhat racist statements, which were “reprinted” in supremacist publications.

But Ron Paul is not at fault here.

According to spokeperson(s) from his campaign, many items were reprinted without his permission. They were taken out of context. He didn’t know. He wasn’t aware. He didn’t see it happen. He didn’t do it. Wasn’t him. He has an alibi. The ghostwriter did it – or maybe it was the dog. Either way, he’s very sorry – and it was all a big misunderstanding.

So there.

Here is the thing. I am tolerant of most viewpoints. I rarely foam at the mouth when exposed to extremist ideology from either side. I figure there will always be a small minority, who climb to the outer edges of the mainstream and then decide, “Nope, not far enough.” So, powered by what I suspect may be a chemical imbalance in the brain, they launch themselves into a mental stratosphere of extreme stupidity where they will forever dwell writing newsletters and e-zines.

I don’t see any need to call attention to or have a stroke over those small sects, who are in no way representative of the Nation as a whole.

Nevertheless, I am seeing a disturbing pattern here. What troubles me is NOT Ron Paul’s tendency to get tangled up with these unpopular groups or even the possibility that he shares the views. I am disturbed by his tendency to yank out the “it’s all a big misunderstanding” card.

Granted, there are times when people may not have all of the facts or fully comprehend the situation they are walking into: but c’mon James Edwards? This guy may was well have “I Only Love Wonder Bread” tattooed across his forehead.

Honestly, how many times can one step in shit before they start to notice the smell – and if Paul is that obtuse, do you really want him to be your President?

* edited to remove link to the Cesspool


10 thoughts on “Ron Paul on the Potty

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  2. Okay. This caught me off guard. I thought you supported Ron Paul’s politics. What happened to the “Paul nailed it” on foreign policy?

  3. Yes, I do support some of Ron Paul’s politics. (Not all but there’s no such thing as a perfect reflection of one’s political views.) I would simply feel more comfortable if Ron Paul would support Ron Paul’s politics.

  4. Get your facts straight. Ron Paul has never appeared on the Political Cesspool. Though we support him wholeheartedly, he has never been on our program. Why would you use falsehood to discredit an honorable man?

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