Southern Utterances

Said the Mother regarding her toddler’s attire: “Yesiree honey, we paid $32 plus shipping for that Dale Earndhart get-up… `cause its a valuable collectors item now. You know, what with him being passed-away and all.”

Said the father to his daughter when she dropped her hot dog at the baseball game: “Don’t cry, Honey. We’ll just run right over yonder and warsh the weinee. It’ll be fine.”

Said Bubba to his wife, when she interrupted our immigration conversation to inquire about the well being of my children: “Shut up Woman! We’re discussin’ serious issues here, like Mexicans and stuff!”

Said the teenage girl to the other teenage girl staring at the farm boy: “Ahhh, he don’t look like much, but that’s a tight tractor. What is that? A Kubota?”

Said one sister to the other sister at the family soirée: “What kind of ammo are you using in that thing?”


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