Interesting Conversation with a Seven Year-Old

Seven Year-Old: “Mama, what’s Republicrats and Doomacrins?”

Me: You mean Republicans and Democrats?”

Seven Year-Old: “Yeah, that’s it.”

Me: “They are political parties.

Seven Year-Old: “I know that. But when do they have it?”

Me: “Have what?”

Seven Year-Old: “The party.”

Me: “No, its not that kind of party. Political parties are just a bunch of people who think kind of the same way. So, they formed an organization…. er… its like a club and all of the club members help each other to get elected to office.”

Seven Year-Old: “Do they have secret clubhouses?”

Me: “No, they have headquarters. It’s basically the same thing but not secret.”

Seven Year-Old: “Do they eat cake?”

Me: “No.”

Seven Year-Old: “Do they have elephants?”


Me: “Huh? Oh. No, that’s just their mascot. Your school has a mascot. It’s a bear. Republicans have a mascot. It’s an Elephant.”

Seven Year-Old: “I like bears. I wouldn’t want to be an Elephant. Elephants are gross. They make big nasty poop? Did you see it at the zoo? It was huge. Yuck. Why are they elephants?”

Me: “I’m not sure. I think it came from a really, really old newspaper cartoon and stuck because most people think elephants are intelligent, strong, brave, reliable, compassionate, and all those are good qualities.”

Seven Year-Old: “What about Doofacrins? What’s their mascotch? Are they bears?”

Me: “No, they’re donkeys.”

Seven Year-Old: Hey, do you know what another word for donkey is? Jackass! Nana said I could say jackass because when you say jackass, it’s not cussin’ because a jackass is an animal. Jackass, jackass, jackass.”

Me: “Hey! I don’t care what Nana said. You can’t say it. Say donkey.”

Seven Year-old: “So, their Mascotch is a Jackass…. I mean donkey?”

Me: “Yes.”

Seven Year-Old: “Is that supposed to be, like, a good thing?”


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