Girls Gone Wild

According to the Tennessean, a piece of state legislation dubbed Girls Gone Wild bill died in the House Civil Practice Subcommittee yesterday for failure to get a second. The legislation sponsored by Democratic Rep. Mike Turner of Old Hickory would fine cable and satellite companies up to $50,000 for airing ads for obscene products.

Senate sponsor Doug Jackson, D-Dickson, said he will not give up and intends to bring the bill back next year.

Just so you know: this means you cheap-bastards can keep recording and looping the infomercials rather than buying the DVD and you moms will have to continue to steer clear of late-night cable TV since there’s a good chance that the children might find out what you did during that one Spring Break.

NOTE TO SELF: Contact Mike Harrison and request similar legislation: fining cable and satellite companies up to 1-million for airing ad for obscenely annoying pain-in-the-ass products, such as Moon Sand, Floam, Hair Beading contraptions or any products touted to improve butt or abs.


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